Lleyn Carcase

64% Lleyn lambs gradedat U & R at 3L
57% Terminal sire x Mule lambs graded at
U & R at 3L
Lleyn lambs produce a more consistent carcase
Pure Lleyn lambs achieve similar, if not better, grades and weights than lambs from terminal sires
on mules

Hefin Lloyd

Hefin Llwyd is farm manager of Halford Manor, a 400 acre mainly grassland holding with up to 80” annual rainfall located on the edge of Dartmoor at Taw Green, near Okehampton. He manages a commercial flock of North
Country, Welsh and Scotch Mules and Charollais x Lleyn ewes. He also runs his own pedigree Lleyn flock, Dyfaint (1135). The information has been collated from abattoir grade sheets between 1st January 2004, and 15th March 2008. The abattoirs involved were Randall Parker Foods, Jaspers and Lloyd Maunder. The study uses kill sheet data from 3329 commercial lambs and 1258 Lleyn lambs, finished on the same farm under identical
finishing systems. The commercial lambs were sired by Suffolk, Charollais, Hampshire Down and Berrichon

Management system
Lambs are born between 15th Feb and mid April, and weaned at approximately 3 months old. All commercial lambs are castrated, but a large percentage of pure Lleyn lambs are left entire. Lambs are sorted at weaning into
groups depending on weight and condition. All lambs in forward condition and at near slaughter weights are put onto brassica crops for immediate fattening, whilst the lighter lambs are stored on permanent pasture and later sorted on weight to go onto brassicas, or silage aftermath (red clover silage leys). The lambs are then drafted after 3 to 4 weeks of grazing the crops.


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